y Viva Dadwal and Michael O’Shea, two Fulbright Award winners

We met in an elevator. She was wearing a bright orange beanie, and I a black suit. It was the 20th floor of Constitution Square in Ottawa, Canada. It had been a long day and I was looking forward to the walk home. The doors opened, and we stepped on together. I said, “going down, right?” She said, “Yes.”

“Do we work on the same floor?”, I said smiling.

“Yeah, I work at GlaxoSmithKline, what brings you here?” she said, smiling back. read more

Energy. Ideas. Vision. Exchange. Collaboration. Dreaming big. Striving higher.

Dr. Catherine Kreatsoulas, Fulbright Student 2011-2012

Upon being awarded a Fulbright Canada Scholarship, as a clinical epidemiologist, I went to Harvard University to broaden my scope by studying social epidemiology. As it turns out, that was just the beginning!  I study angina, the cardinal manifestation of heart disease, from a gender-centered perspective.  There is a prevailing perception that heart disease is a “man’s disease”, despite being the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in women.  Understanding symptoms is critical to both the individual experiencing them and to the clinician assessing them.  In a series of progressive studies, I investigated angina symptoms in men and women and mapped them onto blockages in the arteries of their heart. Surprisingly, and against prevailing thought, I found that symptoms are remarkably similar between men and women but differ greatly in the way they are expressed.  This study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine and my controversial findings received substantial media attention. I was on live television, radio, satellite radio, and picked up by multiple news outlet sources. read more

Fulbright student and passionate volunteer

By Simone Bernstein, Fulbright Canada student 2014-2015

As we recently celebrated Veteran’s Day, I give thanks to my dad and all other service members worldwide who give back and make a difference. To show our support for these individuals, I encourage youth to volunteer for organizations supporting these service members. Watching my dad leave for deployment and volunteering has changed how I view the world. Volunteering gives young people hands-on opportunities and the tools to address societal challenges, problem solve, and heal divisions within the world. read more

2014 Fulbright Canada-RBC Eco-Leadership Project

By Victoria Chraïbi, 2009-2010 Fulbright Canada Student

If you hear clicking at dusk and look up, you might see a small shape swoop overhead. That means a vital member of your local ecosystem is at work – a bat, one of the most diverse and fascinating mammals. Also one at risk.  Due to habitat loss, White Nose Syndrome, pesticide poisoning, and being culturally maligned, have resulted in massive bat mortalities in the eastern US and Canada. These creatures have been misunderstood, undervalued, and understudied.

Nebraska is home to 13 species of bats, 7 of which are listed as at-risk and one of which is being considered for federal listing as endangered. Nebraska is in the process of developing large-scale wind energy sites across the state. Wind turbines cause several bat mortalities for reasons that are still being investigated. Research is being done on how to minimize the impact of wind turbines on bats, and to understand their habitat needs and migration patterns. Even with this knowledge, conservation actions that require restricting wind turbine locations or turning them off during certain times is unlikely without the influence of public support and/or regulations. We need to be the voice for bat conservation. read more

Fulbright Canada’s annual Fall Orientation, a three day extravaganza which began this year on Friday September 5th, is the first step in an exciting adventure for the incoming cohort of US Fulbright scholars and all of the incoming Killlam fellows. 68 students, young professionals, and scholars descended on Ottawa for a program packed with lectures, opportunities to share research and scholarly plans, networking with new colleagues and potential partners, cultural activities, and, of course, hockey. read more

Fulbright Canada asked five panelists to share their experience at The Nineteenth Annual International Studies Symposium. Here are their comments…

Dr. Sara K. McGuire

Dr. Sara K. McGuire is currently an LLM Candidate in International Public and Comparative Law at the University of Exeter. In August 2014 she will be a Visiting Assistant Professor of Intelligence and National Security Studies at the University of Texas at El Paso.

While Canadians often refer to their “friend and neighbour” to the south, how much do Canadians actually know about the United States? The theme of this year’s International Studies Symposium at York University’s Glendon College Campus, “The United States of America: The Neighbour You Don’t Know” sought to answer this questionBringing together scholars from both sides of the 49th parallel, this event examined a wide range of issues including: the American economy, American institutions, U.S. foreign policy, the environment and energy independence, and the American media. read more

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