As we celebrate International Education Week, I recall my days spent as a Fulbright U.S. Student Program Fellow in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the 2010-11 academic year. My Fellowship paved the way for future professional opportunities within the health policy sphere. During my grant period, I was a student in the M.A. program in Critical Disability Studies at York University which is housed within the York University School of Health Policy & Management. During my graduate studies, I engaged in comparative health policy research, concerning the Province of Ontario (Canada) and the State of New York (United States). read more

Since I was an undergraduate, I’ve been fascinated by the philosophies, politics, and practices of teaching a second language (in my case, French) to students who have language-based learning disabilities/difficulties in their first language (in this case, English).  This interest followed me through graduate school, into the classroom when I taught at the high school level, and now in my work as a professor in teacher education.  Because my interest in this area has mixed the languages of French and English, Canada has always been my preferred context exploring this question from a research standpoint and when trying to expand best practices in this particular field.  My strong connection to this work was deepened through my recent experience as a Fulbright Scholar and has led to new opportunities to make this connection deeper still. read more

I’m now in the early stages of a feature documentary that poetically illustrates the daily life of a donkey. The hope is to illustrate mankind’s relationship to this forgotten animal and the care that goes into rehabilitating them after the remarkable abuses they have endured.

"The G8 Research Group is a research group with the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. I alongside one of my colleagues, serve as the lead analysts for the department". Mahdi Hussein

People who are married live much longer than those who remain single or divorce, but understanding why is complicated. Read Fulbright scholar Sean Clouston's recently published comparable research on families and their potential benefits.

In 2001-2002, Jacqueline Krikorian took up a traditional Fulbright student award to conduct research at Georgetown University Law Center.  She is publishing her first book based in part on research that stemmed from her time as a Fulbrighter.  Her book, International Trade Law and Domestic Policy, published by UBC Press, assesses the capacity of the binding trade dispute mechanism of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to influence domestic policy arrangements.

“The issue is significant because, to date, so many challenges have been successfully brought against Canada and the United States,” Dr. Krikorian said in an interview with Fulbright Canada. “In fact, between 2005 and May 2011, 55 of the 129 WTO disputes that were addressed and concluded involved challenges brought against these two countries.” Krikorian finds, however, that despite the significant number of losses, a number of factors ensure that the court-like body is not setting the national policy agenda. Rather, the domestic effect on Canada and the US has been relatively modest. She notes, however, the court-like body has taken a relatively aggressive stance toward American trade remedy measures and that going forward, this may well be the exception to her overall findings. read more

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