‎"The idea underlying the Fulbright International Educational Exchange Program — the power of intercultural education and people-to-people exchange for building and maintaining a world at peace — is as relevant today as it was during the program’s inception 65 years ago."

Excellent article by Jacob Comenetz (U.S. Fulbright alumnus - Germany) in the Washington Diplomat that discusses the immense value of the Fulbright

Patrick worked closely with the Audubon Society and the Friends of the Ballona Wetlands to develop a wetlands education program for inner-city school children in Los Angeles.  Patrick designed the curriculum, purchased binoculars and microscopes for the research centre, and worked with the children both at their schools and in the wetlands to teach them about the environmental importance of the wetlands for preserving local flora and fauna.

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“People having been coming up to me saying how great the Olympics were and they enjoyed watching Canada do as well as they did. I also think there is a greater appreciation for hockey!”

Read about what 2009-10 Fulbright and eco-leader, Dr. Chris Lemieux thinks of the United States, the Winter Olympics and his Fulbright experience in this article for the University of Waterloo Daily Bulletin.

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