By Bailey Anderson, 2015-16 Killam Fellow, University of Texas – Austin to Memorial University of Newfoundland

International education has been an important aspect of my life since, as an insecure 16 year old, I decided to go to Argentina for a year as a Rotary Youth Ambassador. My experience there taught me more about myself, the world, and my own background than any amount of time in my small home town could have. It taught me to search for the value in every experience and every person and that fear of failure is one of the worst reasons to let life slip you by. read more

Fulbright Canada’s annual Fall Orientation, a three day extravaganza which began this year on Friday September 5th, is the first step in an exciting adventure for the incoming cohort of US Fulbright scholars and all of the incoming Killlam fellows. 68 students, young professionals, and scholars descended on Ottawa for a program packed with lectures, opportunities to share research and scholarly plans, networking with new colleagues and potential partners, cultural activities, and, of course, hockey. read more

In August 2013, we travelled to Alaska to film a documentary for Fulbright Canada and National Geographic about how diverse Indigenous peoples living in Alaskan communities undergoing environmental change are balancing their food traditions with contemporary, more Westernized lifestyles. We found that in this process some traditions are kept alive within families and by teachers, but that some culture is inevitably lost. Nevertheless, the people we interviewed expressed that a sense of identity can be drawn from understanding the past, and from engaging youth through technology and experiential learning.  The Indigenous peoples of Alaska continue to adapt as their ancestors have, resulting in cultures that are not static while simultaneously preserving history. read more

Over 60 million diabetics, and another 70 million so called “pre-diabetics” – individuals at such an elevated risk for this condition that the odds are stacked against them for converting into full-blown diabetes within a few short years. The country I am describing, India, is not the first that comes to mind to most when thinking about the growing problem of diabetes across the world.

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"I have spent a considerable amount of time studying and working with older HIV+ adults throughout my career. I began working in the field of HIV in 1987 when everybody was dying."_Charles "I am honoured to work alongside Dr. Emlet, whose work has contributed so meaningfully to the lives of older adults and the HIV community, and continues to inspire students like myself, who are interested in those empirically underrepresented populations."_Christina

We were a group of young professionals who wanted to showcase our city - Ottawa, as so much more than just a hub for politics and government. We were tired of getting sidestepped and written off as incapable of fun by our fellow Canadians. [...] These are just a few of the things the Killam Fellowships program encourages...

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