Congratulations Thaddeus Holownia, Fulbright Canada Alumni, for receiving the Order of New Brunswick!

ThaddeusHolowniaNew Brunswick is infinitely richer for the commitment, spirit and talent of Thaddeus Holownia,an internationally renowned photographer.

Mr. Holownia grew up in England and Ontario. In the late 1970s, he became a professor of fine arts at Mount Allison University, where he is currently head of the department. Mr. Holownia has produced many impressive bodies of work that push the boundaries of his art form while documenting this region’s cultural history. He is known for his Jolicure Pond series, in which he photographed the same subject in different seasons under different lighting conditions.  His photographs and book works have been acquired by some of the finest museums in Canada. His work has been shown in the United States, France, Germany, Belgium, Mexico and the Czech Republic.  Mr. Holownia is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Fine Arts (RCA) and is a Fulbright Canada Fellow.

Mr. Holownia has also made significant contributions to his community as a teacher and a mentor. He has twice received the Paul Paré Medal from Mount Allison University in recognition of excellence in teaching, creative activity, research and community service.

Mr. Holownia has also given of his time and talent to Sackville and the rest of the province. He has worked with the Vogue cinema to bring to that community a film program that centres on the artistic quality of this genre. He is also part of Galerie 12, a co-operative gallery in Moncton managed by predominantly francophone artists.

Thaddeus Holownia is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for producing a constantly evolving body of work that is virtually unparalleled within the visual arts in Canada.

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