Canada has another chance.

In June, when Canada played host to the leaders of the G20 in Toronto, along with the EU and remaining 18 member countries that constitute the group, it failed to seize an important opportunity. If the G20 ever hopes to play a key role in global governance, it needs a permanent home. A secretariat focused on the longer-term challenges to the global community would go some way in healing the growing divisions that emerged in Toronto between G20 members. Canada, one of the original founders of the G20 in 1999 when it was a group of finance ministers, is perfectly positioned to host the secretariat. More importantly, the world needs it to… read more

The North-South Institute recently held an event to honour their outgoing president of 15 years, and 2010-11 Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Roy Culpepper.  The event was held at the Museum of Civilization in Toronto and featured such distinguished guests as Hon. Flora MacDonald, the Hon. John MacCallum, and Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, President and CEO of the Museum of Civilization.  For more information, please visit the North-South Institute website.

Patrick worked closely with the Audubon Society and the Friends of the Ballona Wetlands to develop a wetlands education program for inner-city school children in Los Angeles.  Patrick designed the curriculum, purchased binoculars and microscopes for the research centre, and worked with the children both at their schools and in the wetlands to teach them about the environmental importance of the wetlands for preserving local flora and fauna.

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